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Ocean View Estates Macedonian Wedding

Updated: 5 days ago

Ocean View Estates, located in the beautiful Mount Mee region, was the perfect setting for Sonja and Tyson's amazing wedding. The estate's stunning views served as a picturesque backdrop for the happy couple's special day.

The ceremony was held on the estate's new pavilion, surrounded by a majestic lake. Sonja and Tyson exchanged vows under a beautiful floral arch, while family and friends looked on with tears of joy in their eyes.

After the ceremony, guests were treated to cocktail dining plus traditional Macedonian dancing and singing.

The reception was filled with laughter, tears, and plenty of dancing.

The tears flowed when Sonja and her father shared a father daughter dance.

Sonja and Tyson's first dance was a beautiful moment, as they swayed to the music, surrounded by their loved ones.

The wedding was captured by Daniel Vistar Films, who did an amazing job of capturing the special moments of the day. Their cinematography was truly breathtaking, and Sonja and Tyson will treasure the memories captured in their wedding film for years to come.

Ocean View Estates was the perfect location for Sonja and Tyson's wedding. The estate's natural beauty and serene atmosphere made for a truly unforgettable day. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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