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Bride's bouquet at Tiffany's Maleny by Brisbane wedding photographer Daniel Vistar

Daniel Vistar Films

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am a Brisbane Wedding Videographer. I capture Australian and International Weddings. I am based in Brisbane but find myself traveling to all parts of Queensland, New South Wales or wherever I’m invited to.

It’s a great privilege to be entrusted to capture the beginning of your life as a married couple. I appreciate that this is a day that you’ve possibly been dreaming about for many years and I love being there capturing those moments that will become timeless and represent a significant moment in your lifelong story together.

I’m passionate in what I do and take great care in creating a film that represents who you both are. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable and let your personalities shine. I do love the candid moments that define your dynamic but I understand if you do need a little guidance, that’s where I can assist in getting a balance of posing and reactive shots and footage. The best images come from a relaxed and fun atmosphere and I consider that as a part of my job on the day - not just to capture but to mentor and bring it all together.

This page has a few wedding planning tips with the point of view from a wedding videographer.

Brisbane Wedding Photography & Videography

Wedding Videographer Filming Bride

Brisbane Wedding Videography

Should I get a videographer for my wedding?

This is a question I see popping up all the time in Facebook groups and alike, and from all my years of research the number one regret I read from past brides is that they didn’t film their wedding day.

For whatever reason they thought it would be something they would watch once then never again.


Well, if we’ve learnt something since 2020, videography is almost the number one thing that you should have on your wedding day. It not only preserves the moment it is best way to have family and friends, who couldn’t make it, experience your special day.


Many couples have young children and it’s beautiful to have them as part of the wedding and to see them in the video many years later when they’re grown up is priceless.


Wedding films also act as an In memoriam for loved ones that attended the wedding and are no longer with us. It’s a keepsake that you can hold dear for many generations to come.

If you’re shy or just don’t want someone in your face all day, let the videographer know beforehand and they can take a more candid approach to filming. A lot of our reviews couples are amazed at the footage we captured as they didn’t feel encroached upon on the day.

Wedding Ring Bearers Children Walking Down The Aisle
Should I get a videographer

How to choose a wedding venue

Daniel Vistar Films has filmed at many of the top wedding venues over the years. There’s so many to choose from and the popular ones go quickly, so the venue should be the first thing you lock in when planning a wedding.

Listed below are some of the venues we frequent often . You can also check out the ABIA site for more popular venues.

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How to choose a venue

How to plan a wedding day - for videography

Depending on how long a coverage package you have chosen (the most popular is 10 hours), the best wedding tips to schedule your day is to decide what’s most important to you to capture. From a videographer’s point of view I like to get a least a couple of hours before the ceremony of the bridal party getting ready, if you want the groom then best to make it 3 hours beforehand. Obviously if there’s a bit of travel distance between bride and groom preps and the ceremony venue then that’s something you should work out with the videographer and make sure there’s plenty of time on hand. And if possible have the photographer and videographer start at the same place and time to avoid doubling up on things.

With videography we generally like to be at the ceremony venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This allows time to set up multiple camera angles plus the all important audio feed.

The rest of the day includes the photo shoot and reception formalities. I would typically stay 30-60 minutes after the first dance to capture some guests dancing and the bouquet toss if required.

All weddings are different but an example of a typical 10 hour day run sheet is below


11.30am  videographer and photographer start at groom preps

12.15pm  finish with groom and head to bridal preps

12.30pm  start at bridal preps with hair and make up being complete around 1pm

1.30pm    bridal party and bride get dressed allowing time for some pre ceremony photos and footage

2.00pm    videographer departs for ceremony

2.30pm    bride departs for ceremony

3.00pm    ceremony commences

3.30pm    ceremony concludes with guests congratulations then group and family photos

4.00pm    bridal party depart for photo shoot

5:45pm    guests are seated in reception and bridal party return from photos

6.00pm    bridal party entrance at reception

6.30pm    entrees served

7.00pm    Cake cutting and Speeches

7.30pm    Mains served

8.00pm    Speeches continued

8.30pm    first dance

9.00pm    bouquet toss

9.30pm    videographer concludes


With Daniel Vistar Films we typically upload a one minute sneak peek trailer online two weeks after the wedding for you to enjoy while all the creative editing happens.

We will have your final videos finished by approximately 8 weeks after the wedding.

Black and white of newlyweds on the dance floor
How to plan a wedding day
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